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Welcome to ParsingPartner!

All biblical language students need to parse and translate the original text. But for many, the only thing you have to show for your labor are scraps of paper that never get used again or end up in the dryer! Parsing categories are often forgotten or confused. Translation means copying and pasting the original text from expensive computer programs or unreliable web sites. Problems with pasting strange fonts and justifying the text for Hebrew versus Greek can be frustrating to say the least! ParsingPartner™ offers the biblical language student a complete chapter-by-chapter, verse-by-verse breakdown of the original Hebrew and Greek text in a user-friendly format. If you have access to a computer and printer, you can use the printable parsing and translation worksheets to
organize your language studies

Our Site is under construction but will go live soon. Please stay tuned for updates.

Your ParsingPartner.

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